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Gigaleak II News

On July 25th, 2020, many more ROMs for source codes and prototypes of various games were leaked onto the internet.

Interesting Stuff

I know I left out A LOT, but I don't have any info on other stuff from Gigaleak II yet.

List Of Gigaleak II Stuff

Development repository for at least the iQue versions of:

Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Mortal Kombat 64, Star Fox 64, NES Emulator for N64 (“TFC”), TLOZ: OoT (partially corrupted?), Animal Crossing, Wario Land 4, Dr. Mario 64, TLOZ: Majora’s Mask, Wave Race 64, ...and so much more...

SM64 Update: (7/26/2020)

We currently have:

Note: We don't have any buildable ROM, Spaceworld ROM, or any early build.

Another Note: Someone was able to build the ROM partially.


Update near 3PM EST 7/26/2020

Someone has fully restored Luigi in SM64! Watch it here!

24 years and 1 month after the release of Super Mario 64,

we found out that Luigi is in the game.

24 01


L Is Real 2401