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Note: The Gigaleak will NOT be linked to on here and no ROMs from it will be uploaded. This site is solely to cover news regarding it.

What is the Gigaleak?

The Gigaleak refers to a series of events in which Nintendo source codes, prototypes, master ROMS, and other stuff are leaked to the public. It has not yet been confirmed who this Gigaleak initially came from, but if I had to guess, I’d speculate that it might be tied to this initial hack and leak from back in 2018-2019. The first Gigaleak was on 7/24/2020 and contained mostly SNES stuff, while Gigaleak II, from the day after, contains mostly N64 stuff. There is a third Gigaleak from 7/26/2020, but it is currently unknown whether it's genuine or just another leak repackaged.

Update From Around 4:50 PM, 7/26/2020

We now have an official YouTube channel. Check us out there!